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The Ayurveda By Kailas Shop™ provides you a wide selection of traditional and modern Ayurvedic herbs and blends from trusted Ayurvedic brands, in addition to a selection of natural products from manufacturers that utilize Ayurvedic ingredients for their products. We also carry excellent herbs and nutritional supplements not traditionally used in Ayurveda, from excellent brands in the natural products marketplace.

Today we use the best of ancient and traditional Ayurvedic formulations along with herbs from around the world, combined with nutritional supplements that help us to balance our bodies and stay healthy.

The Ayurveda By Kailas Shop™ supports you to prevent health problems through proper use of herbs and supplements and to empower yourself in all aspects of your life!

Selected Brands.

Check out our selection of trusted brands including Herbs Forever, Planet Ayurveda, Herbal Zap, Organic India, and more!

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